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If you own or rent a home you are fully aware of the how much of a task it is to fix things as they happen to break without warning. This is unless you have a brand new house built from the ground up, and I'm sure they'll still be something. For the sake of this article lets focus on those older homes that have been lived in for a while. As an East Lyme roofer, we know thinking about your roof is not glamorous, but it should definitely be something that's on your mind. Besides, you don't want to give the interior a nice makeover just to have it ruined by a leaky damaged roof. Here are some things to consider when it comes to your roof:

Your roof is not invincible. Even if you have a metal roof it will wear down at some point. Most people have an asphalt roof that will last anywhere from 20-30 years. That being said you would not want to wait 20 years until you see about it. There are many ways your roof can get damaged. Most people think of roof damage only in terms of a hole in the ceiling. Yes, that is indeed roof damage and you would want to get that fixed ASAP, but that is not the typical damage we see. It is more of a gradual over time process. You can look at it as a cause and effect. Similar to a car engine going bad after years of not changing the oil. If you own your home long enough you will experience things like missing shingles at some point. If that goes unfixed for a long period of time it WILL wear down your roofing structure and that is where the real costly damage happens.

Another thing to look out for is Hail damage. This is a tricky one as it can cause just enough damage to ruin your roof, but not enough to cause a major hole that is noticeable to the homeowner. This is where having an experienced roofing contractor comes in handy. Hail damage can be mistaken for other things as it looks like a ding on your shingles. That is possible because hail is dropping from a high altitude and can be a quarter size or larger. When it hits your shingles it can penetrate them and the sub-layers. Then here comes the water, then rot and mildew and on and on.

As you can see when it comes to roofing, it is not always the big things. It's the small things that will eventually lead to big things. The key here is maintenance. The more you stay on top of it by scheduling annual roof inspections the better chance you have for longevity. Of Course, there are more ways it can be damaged. Depending on where you live your area might have more ice and snow or trees that can damage your roof as well. This is all the more reason to be proactive.

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