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Why Upgrade Your Windows? Inefficient windows can be the largest wastes of energy in your home. Older windows can make your heating and air conditioning systems work harder than they should. Deciding to Install newly framed insulated windows will do the following:

  • Reduce heat loss during winter

  • Reduce heat gain during summer

  • Stop Drafts

  • Improve over-all air quality

  • Reduce outside noise

  • Increase the value of your home

*Replacing your windows does not have to be a major project. New installation techniques make it possible to replace the windows in most homes in a SINGLE DAY!

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The Window Installation Process

The process of new window installations may seem complicated and time consuming at first, but our team of professionals do the work quickly, correctly and without the problems that come with inexperienced amateurs.

1. The Planning Stage:

During the planning of your project, you will receive all the information needed to determine which type of products you need, the job cost estimates, and the time required to complete the work.

2. Old Window Removal:

The Second step is the removal of your old window systems, carefully measuring everything for the correct dimensions, and preparing each window area for the new installations.

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3. Prep-Work & Installation:

During the third step we make sure all the preparation work has been done. Then, we will install the new windows and check that each on is set correctly. After that, we will nail the window section into the surrounding frame.

4. Window Sealing:

On the final step we will caulk and mortar around the window frames to provide a water tight enclosure around each one. This will be done properly, ensuring your windows work efficiently for many years to come!

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Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows provide a beautiful and safe option for all your home remodeling needs.

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G.C. Lisbon, LLC Images

Pella Windows

Pella Windows add elegant and quality craftsmanship to your home. We offer multiple styles to compliment any look.

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G.C. Lisbon, LLC Images

Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows are designed for unprecedented performance and exceptional aesthetics, we offer window options for every style of home in any climate.

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G.C. Lisbon, LLC Images
G.C. Lisbon, LLC Images

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Your home is your world and most often the biggest investment of your life. To keep your family protected and safe, new construction should not be a burden. Intending to spread more smiles, we provide excellent quality business and residential construction solutions without compromising on the quality.

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